Insurance for Food Trucks in Dallas, Fort Worth, & El Paso, TX

Whether you're new to the food truck industry or had one for a long time, insurance is essential to ensure you're covered from the potential business dangers. Protect your food truck with coverage that is tailored to your needs as a small business. Quote Texas provides a number of coverages and advantages for commercial food truck policies.

If you live in DallasEl PasoFort Worth, and other Texas cities that we serve, you can rely on the insurance experts from Quote Texas. To learn more, call today at 844-402-4464 or click here to make an appointment to cover your property in Houston, Waco, or Lubbock.

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How Much Does it Cost for Food Truck Coverage by Quote Texas?

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Because food truck businesses and the dangers they pose differ, the cost of food truck insurance varies. Your rate is affected by a number of risk variables, including the type of foods you sell. A food truck that serves grilled or fried items will have a different charge than one that sells prepackaged foods. Additional dangers are introduced by the grills and fryers.

Another example is the value of your truck and its associated equipment. A food truck with $15,000 in attached equipment, for example, would demand a higher premium than one with $8,000 in attached equipment. Contact a Quote Texas representative directly for specific costs for your situation.

Types of Insurance Policies for Food Trucks by Quote Texas

There are many forms of insurance for food trucks but the following are the most common types of insurance for them:

Commercial Auto Insurance: For food trucks and trailers, this is vital coverage. Physical damage coverage for your vehicle, as well as any permanently attached appliances and equipment, can be added to your policy.

General Liability Insurance: This protects your food truck business against financial losses caused by accidents for which you are legally responsible. It also could protect you against claims from a customer who claims sickness or injury from ingesting spoiled food or drinks that are too hot.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This protects your staff if they are hurt or sick while on the job. It is wise to carry this type of insurance for the long-term success of any business with employees. 

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