Appliance Repair Industries Insurance

Appliance Repair Industries Insurance in Texas

Repairing other people’s appliances comes with potential risks. Events like natural disasters occur without any notice, creating damage and losses to both your company and your clients’ properties. Without the right assistance, your business will have a hard time settling lawsuits and can lose the trust of your customers as a result.

Although it’s nearly impossible to avoid disasters, you can protect your brand with a comprehensive and extensive insurance plan. Different insurance policies cover scenarios unique to your company. If you’re looking for an insurance provider to help you create a plan, contact Quote Texas Insurance today and let’s get started.

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Quote Texas Insurance has access to a number of carriers that may provide a comprehensive range of basic sales & service provider insurance coverage, including but not limited to:

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Quote Texas Insurance provides insurance policies that cater to the unique needs of various industries. Your appliance repair business will need a specific insurance policy to cover damage, losses and legal issues presented by your customers or employees. You also have to get an insurance policy that can cover damages created by natural disasters (e.g. fire, hail, lightning, and windstorm). To fully protect your brand and customer loyalty, Quote Texas Insurance recommends getting the following policies:

Commercial Property Insurance

Recovering from catastrophic disasters that lead to building and property damage is tough. Losing your establishment and company resources makes things difficult to repair or replace. Commercial property insurance helps you jump start your business by covering damages and loss of the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Equipment and inventory of goods
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Building or structure
  • Other people’s properties

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability protects you against financial burdens if you ever get sued. It covers losses and damages caused by situations like:

  • Damage to other people’s property
  • Advertising and personal injury
  • Bodily injury and deaths

Commercial Auto Insurance

Picking up appliances and delivering them safely back to your clients can be a challenge. The dangers of reckless drivers and unforeseen road accidents can pose a huge risk to your commercial vehicles. To cover the damage or injuries caused by vehicular incidents, you’ll want to get commercial auto insurance. This insurance provides coverage for:

  • Automobile damage caused by collision and non-collision events (e.g. vandalism and theft)
  • Liabilities resulting from damage to another person’s property, injury or death
  • Medical payment or personal injury of the insured
  • Injury or property damage caused by uninsured or hit-and-run motorists

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Though workers’ compensation isn’t a requirement for most private employers in Texas, it’s still a great insurance to have. Protecting your employees and providing them benefits reassure your workers that they are secured no matter what happens at work. Workers’ compensation provides the following:

  • Income benefits
  • Medical benefits
  • Death benefits
  • Burial benefits
  • Vocational rehabilitation benefits

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