Insurance for Janitorial Service Providers

Insurance for Janitorial Service Providers

Running a janitorial service company carries its own share of risks and hazards. Accidents can happen in the worksite, resulting in injuries and property damage. When incidents occur, your business could be held liable for damages. That’s why you need to protect your business with insurance policies that will cover the financial obligations associated with things going unexpectedly wrong.

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Most janitorial companies in Texas use the following types of insurance to help them deal with financial obligations in case something bad happens:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

In case client property is damaged or people are injured as a result of your company’s work, this insurance covers all compensatory expenses.

Professional Liability Insurance

If the client finds your work shoddy and demands corrective measures, the expenses can be covered using this type of insurance policy.

Commercial Property Insurance

Your office and its contents are valuable investments that need to be protected. Commercial property insurance guarantees that you’ll receive assistance in case natural disasters, theft and other incidents break out.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

If your own personnel are injured, maimed or killed while rendering services to a client, this type of insurance pays for their compensation for a stipulated time frame.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Your personnel and their equipment need to be moved from point A to point B regularly with company vehicles. Protect your automotive assets by getting this type of insurance for them. Fires, natural disasters, theft and road accidents are usually covered depending on the policy you choose.

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