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Here are some examples of customers we've helped for their general liability, commercial liability and workers compensation insurance needs.
Costal Field Services, LLC

October 26, 2023 | ANAHUAC, TX

Despite the complexities of this request, I managed to save their existing policy by making necessary adjustments to provide adequate coverage, avoiding the need for a substantial new down payment to initiate a new policy. The insured, Coastal Field Services LLC, expressed sincere appreciation for our ability to accommodate their ...

Loretta Roberts

October 25, 2023 | Kingsland, TX

Recognizing the time-sensitive nature of her request, I swiftly and clearly explained the necessary process. This involved ensuring all the required paperwork was completed, and the vehicles were provided with the appropriate coverage tailored to Loretta's specific needs. Loretta's reaction upon receiving this efficient and customer-focused service was highly positive. ...

Central Station Marketing

Dallas, TX

Central Station Marketing is a growing tech company and has lots of new clients every month to its portfolio. They were worried about being in a lawsuit due to the growing responsibility of all client website. Also, they needed basic general liability insurance. We customized an insurance plan with Hartford ...

Mel Stone

Brenham, TX

I was seeking to get a business quote for a startup company with no prior history. I can't say enough positive things about Brian. I came to Brian through a referral from my personal insurance agent. I was seeking to get a business quote for a startup company with no ...

Enriched Organics, LLC

La Vernia, TX

The customer was having trouble with getting documentation on their commercial auto policy. Enriched Organics, LLC has been a customer with us for a while, but we didn't carry their commercial auto policy. When a large contract came up that required them to show proof of their commercial auto policy, ...


Brenham, TX

Melissa had very specific additional insured endorsements and policy contract requirements that she needed help with. We were able to help with the specific additional insured endorsements and policy contract requirements that she needed help with. I was able to use my past experience and expertise to analyze the contract ...

Mary V

Dallas, TX

Mary was looking over an application we had sent her for a commercial property policy she needed to get in force. Insurance contracts can have a lot of information with insurance lingo that is hard to understand at times, especially if you are not used to seeing and hearing it. ...

Olga Kim

Houston, TX

Olga has a General Liability Policy with us that is coming up for renewal. Her vendors request proof of her renewed insurance a month in advance! And with the wait time to receive printed policy copies and new policy numbers, getting all that proof of insurance out so far in ...

Local Movings

Houston, TX

Because Tomy specializes in moving and not insurance, she didn't know what the additional insured endorsement was and whether or not it was reasonable of the vendor to request she add it to her policy. Tomy called me and I gave her insight as to what that endorsement means and ...

Piedra Group, LLC

Brenham, TX

We knew right away that she would need an official letter stating she does not qualify for an EMR to satisfy their request. We were able to get this letter out to her so that she could present it to the client and obtain the contract she sought after.

Design A Signs, LLC

Burleson, TX

I reached out to check in about their upcoming General Liability Renewal, my contact let me know that she was looking to have her business' inventory and equipment covered but didn't know how to go about doing that. I advised her that the best way to have General Liability and ...

Pro Reno Group

Alvardo, TX

Sherrie wanted to say thank you for all of our hard work, and decided to drop by the office with a box of delicious cookies. She and I frequently work together payments, renewals and certificates. It’s so wonderful that she thinks enough of us to stop by with an ...

Ricky Eade Plumbing


They were having issues with another carrier always losing their certificate of insurance. Thankfully, we can issue certificates very quickly, so it has never been a problem to get him a fresh copy of his certificate over to this particular client whenever he’s ready to get paid. I’m ...

New Covenant Construction

Fort Worth, TX

Preston and Joe were looking for advice on how to proceed with a potential claim. They were not at fault, but someone was trying to file a claim on their insurance. While I’m not a lawyer or an insurance adjuster, but I was able to help them make an ...

A&A Fire and Security Solutions, LLC

Katy, TX

This insured reached out to me requesting help getting their coverage's to meet requirements for a new vendor. We reviewed the policies and were able to get them into compliance and the certificate approved the same day. This allowed them to begin work for the contract without any issues.

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