Commercial General Liability Insurance in Texas

Why do I need General Liability Insurance?

In a perfect world, business owners would not have to worry about anything going wrong. In reality, however, we live in a world of uncertainties, one that is fraught with hazards, accidents and other unfortunate circumstances that can and do happen all the time. A customer getting injured within a shop's premises, an employee unintentionally damaging client property, or a small business needing insurance for encountering difficulties for allegedly failing to satisfactorily perform a service — these are just some of the risks that organizations face on a daily basis. With the possibilities being so numerous, a commercial general liability insurance policy is something you truly cannot do without.

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What Does It Cover?

Commercial General Liability in Texas protects your business against possible financial burdens should you be sued for damage or injury arising out of your business operations or the actions of your employees. These include:

Depending on the type of coverage you choose and on your policy limit, our commercial general liability insurance policies can help you cover the costs of your legal defense and medical fees if you are found liable to the claims. Finding the best policy provides you peace of mind.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are many factors that go into calculating insurance cost.  Size of company, experience in industry, claims history and nature of work are a few, but many more are applicable.  It is hard to ballpark a rate without understanding these details.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

No matter the size of your business, Quote Texas Insurance has a market for it. Since we shop multiple carriers, we always offer competitive prices for the best types of insurance coverage. Remember that rates vary and almost each client is different. A quick conversation with our team will help get you the information you seek.

How Do I Start Coverage?

Starting coverage is easy.  Simply CLICK HERE and complete a quick web form or call 844-402-4464 to speak to us directly.  No office visit is required and we can complete your paperwork online and place coverage on the same day in most cases.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Simple

How Is Quote Texas Insurance Different from Other Agencies?

We at Quote Texas Insurance understand the needs of business owners like you. We have a comprehensive process that will help your business get protection coverage that's tailor-made for your organization's specific requirements.

We are an Insurance Brokerage and thus have no allegiances to any specific carrier.  This means we represent you, not the carrier.  This motivates us to find you the best rates and coverages from over 65+ carriers that we utilize. In addition, our staff is fully trained, licensed and approved by the State of Texas Insurance Regulatory Board to provide the service you demand on your policy.

8 Ways to Make Your Insurance Simple

  • Quote Texas Insurance searches 65 top-rated carriers to find the best match for your unique business needs.
  • We speak directly with underwriters to ensure that only the most appropriate coverages are selected.
  • Using our insider knowledge, we play insurers against each other for the best pricing available.
  • We’ll eliminate any carrier that is unwilling to meet our client's specific coverage needs and options.
  • We then compare quotes for rates and coverages from only the best of the top carriers remaining.
  • We advocate for you, listing recommendations and discussing with you all your quote options.
  • We rate each company based on Ease of Use, Financial Rating, Value, plus Coverage and Cost.
  • We never require an office visit; completing your policy over the phone and web is fast and easy.

No Other Agency Will Work This Hard for You. We Promise!

We encourage you to consult with our team of professionals whose focus is to "Make Insurance Simple." Find out more about how we can help you come up with the most cost-effective coverage plan that meets your needs. Feel free to contact us today!

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