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February 7th, 2018

It's wise for most companies to get some kind of insurance to protect against liabilities they may encounter over the course of everyday operation. Many small owners may not be familiar with best practices or insurance requirements.

Quote Texas goes into detail about how workers’ compensation insurance works, what it covers, and other things that companies should consider before getting one.

Quote Texas discusses how employers can make sure that their employees can qualify for workers’ compensation insurance.

Quote Texas explores the benefits that companies can enjoy upon getting workers’ compensation for their employees.

How long your workers’ compensation claim stays open depends on a lot of factors. Quote Texas takes a look at these considerations.

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees when they get injured or ill, but who pays for it? Quote Texas takes a closer look.

Workers’ compensation benefits employees who have incurred work-related injuries or illnesses. Quote Texas takes a closer look at this insurance.

There’s a lot that goes into computing workers’ compensation. Quote Texas takes a closer look at the factors that affect its cost.

Past accidents affect your auto insurance rates. How much will depend on the insurance company that you select and how they define an accident in their books.

When renting a home, you need to know that your landlord's insurance doesn't include any of your furniture or belongings that you place in the home. The type of coverage you get determines the amount of financial aid you will receive after a disaster.

Find out what insurance policies your business can get with Quote Texas and what these policies can cover.

If you own or manage a business, understanding your insurance needs and costs is vitally important. Every business owes its owners, employees and customers protection from financial risk in the event of an incident.

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