Insurance for Office Systems Installation

Installing, removing and relocating office furniture seems routine, but it carries a set of hazards all its own. Human error and accidents can result in property damage and injuries to people. If you’re running an office systems installation service in the State of Texas, don’t leave anything to chance: protect yourself from the unexpected by getting insured.

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Quote Texas Insurance has access to a number of carriers that may provide a comprehensive range of basic sales & service provider insurance coverage, including but not limited to:

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With the right insurance policies, you can address financial obligations without breaking the bank. Insurance can cover for property restoration and medical expenses in case your enterprise is found liable for damages. Insurance can also help you get back on your feet if something goes awry in your own place of work.

If you’re in the office systems installation business and you’re looking for the best insurance deals, contact us today for immediate assistance. Quote Texas has an extensive network of insurance firms who are ready to compete against each other for the chance to do business with you. We take care of the research and haggling part so you can get the best choices and make easy decisions on which provider and policies are right for you.

Office Installation Service providers in Texas usually use the following insurance policies to make sure they’re protected no matter what incidents occur in their line of work:

Commercial General Liability Insurance

In the event that your installation work damages client property or injures people within the worksite, this type of insurance covers the bills.

Professional Liability Insurance

If a customer complains about shoddy work and your company is proven liable, this type of policy covers all costs associated with rectifying the situation.

Commercial Property Insurance

To protect your own worksite from disasters, crimes and other unexpected incidents, get commercial property insurance. This type of policy covers all expenses associated with repairing and replacing your office building and its contents.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

In case your employees are hurt, disabled or killed while performing work for you, this type of insurance allows you to pay for their compensation throughout a stipulated amount of time.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Installing, relocating and moving furniture requires the use of company vehicles. Protect your automotive assets with this type of insurance to guard against accidents, crime and natural disasters.

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