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At Quote Texas Insurance, we know for a fact that you are working very hard for your dreams. Whether it's for your future residential home, for your child's college education, or for the expansion of your business, we know that you are doing your best just to see them come to fruition.

We are also aware that every industry and every occupation has its own particular needs. Businesses face risks of various kinds, many of which are specific to particular professions. This is why we have developed personalized insurance policies that address the requirements of our diverse clientele.

Comprehensive professional insurance solutions

It doesn't matter if you're in the plumbing industry or an electrician or if you're an employee of an HVAC or landscape business, or even a general contractor. We have the necessary expertise to help you come up with policies that will give you peace of mind, knowing that you're covered for the work that you do.

Our dedicated teams in Texas afford our clients with comprehensive and cost-effective professional indemnity coverage. These profession-specific policies can help protect you and your business if you are sued in court for claims regarding the work that you do.

Value-added insurance policies and services

In addition to professional indemnity coverage, we offer other insurance policies and services that are invaluable for the complete protection of your business, employees, and properties. Please check out our pages on the different professions for more details about the insurance products available. You can also call us today at 844-756-8684 or contact us for a quick quote.

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Quote Texas Insurance offers comprehensive insurance solutions for electricians in Texas.

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General Contractors

Furnish your general contracting business with insurance solutions from Quote Texas Insurance. We provide insurance policies for general contractors in Texas.

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Household Movers

Quote Texas Insurance provides comprehensive insurance solutions for household movers or moving companies in Texas.

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HVAC Professionals

Quote Texas Insurance provides a wide array of insurance solutions that help protect HVAC professionals in the state of Texas.

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Landscapers & Lawn Care Professionals

Quote Texas Insurance provides a range of insurance solutions for landscapers and lawn care professionals in Texas.

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Masonry Professionals

Quote Texas Insurance provides comprehensive insurance products for masonry professionals based in the state of Texas.

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Mishaps in the interiors trade can be expensive. Protect your business with a painter and painting contractor’s insurance from Quote Texas Insurance.

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Quote Texas Insurance provides insurance for plumbers and other industry-specific insurance policies in Texas.

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Property Owners - Builder’s Risk Insurance

Quote Texas Insurance offers excellent insurance products that help property owners protect their priceless investments when they are still under construction.

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Quick Lube Shops

Protect your quick lube shop business with a comprehensive insurance package from Quote Texas Insurance, a leading insurance company in Texas.

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