Insurance for Dance Halls and Ballrooms in Texas

We occasionally see the liquor business as a popular side business in Texas dance halls and ballrooms. That’s why owners are at risk of conflict between customers, bodily harm, accidents, property damage, errors in judgment or advice, and many more unforeseen dangers.

If you want to make sure your properties are safe and sound, you can obtain insurance options from Quote Texas. We have a custom process that ensures all of our clients receive exactly what they are looking for. In this process, you don't pay for extras. All our staff have been licensed, fully trained, and educated in our specific process of cost reduction and coverage enhancement. We know which carriers are most suitable.

We serve our customers in Beaumont, Duncanville, Addison, Houston, and other nearby areas within Texas. We make sure that you have proper liquor liability insurance coverage for dance halls and ballrooms. To schedule an appointment, call 844-402-4464.

What Does Liquor Liability Insurance for Dance Halls and Ballrooms Cover?

Liquor liability insurance for dance halls and ballrooms covers claims for drunk driving, assaults, and property damage. Here are a few examples of when liquor liability insurance can help you:

  • When your dance halls and ballrooms are overcrowded, someone is involved in an accident that results in injuries.
  • A minor who consumes alcohol from your establishment becomes inebriated and drives a car into the storefront.
Liability Insurance for Dance Halls and Ballrooms
  • Someone outside your dance halls and ballrooms is attacked by a drunk.
  • An employee who consumes alcohol while at work hurts or damages someone else's property.

If you face any issues at dance halls and ballrooms and your business gets sued because of any occurrence, liquor liability insurance will help you to protect your dance hall and ballroom business by covering:

  • Legal costs: If a lawsuit is filed over an incident related to an overserved patron, liquor liability insurance can help cover court costs and attorney’s fees, settlements, or judgments.
  • Repairs cost to fix property damage: Liquor liability insurance can help to cover the repair cost to fix property damage.
  • Medical bills to treat an injury: After being if any occurrence happens at your dance halls and ballrooms and you need to provide your medical bills to treat the injury, liquor liability insurance can give you cover.

Reliable Insurance Coverage for Dance Halls and Ballrooms

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