Liquor Liability Insurance for Bowling Alley in Texas

If your bowling alley serves or sells alcohol, liquor liability insurance may prove to be useful for you. It can help provide coverage for physical injuries and property damage caused by a customer under the influence of alcohol.

Liquor liability insurance covers:

  • Property damage caused by intoxicated customers.
  • Physical injuries inflicted by customers under the influence of alcohol.
  • Business interruption as a result of accidents.
  • Legal fees or lawsuits targeted towards your business.

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Who Can Benefit From Liquor Liability Insurance Coverage?

The rate of violent activities increases with the presence & consumption of alcohol. This may include damaging special bowling equipment and also damaging valuable company assets. Hence, businesses serving, selling, or distributing alcohol can greatly benefit from liquor liability insurance. Other businesses that we help with liquor liability insurance policies include:

We Make Your Insurance Simple!

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