Insurance for Adult Entertainment Clubs in Texas

Adult entertainment clubs are the main attraction for parties & celebrations with lots of alcohol involved. Along this, comes the dangers of bodily harm, property damage as well as potential lawsuits. To tackle such situations without being heavily affected, you need proper insurance coverage. Quote Texas is the company that can protect your club or business in Texas when it is the target of third-party harm or legal action. Under such circumstances, liquor liability insurance can cover:

  • Expenses for property repair
  • Legal fees
  • Medical costs for health treatment
  • Judgment or settlement

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Quote Texas Business Insurance for Party, After-Party & Night Clubs

People under the influence of alcohol might do anything including damage your & other people’s belongings, property & assets, harm your employees, as well as disrupt your business working hours. When your club is the target of legal lawsuits, liquor liability insurance can cover claims of:

  • Assault and battery in case a customer you served alcohol to causes physical injuries to another person.
  • Drunk driving by an intoxicated person your business served or sold alcohol to that leads to property damage & injuries to other people.
  • Property damage of another person’s belongings brought about by the acts of an intoxicated person after consuming alcohol that your business sold.

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