Insurance Coverage for Country Clubs or Golf Clubs in Texas

Country clubs are often responsible for ensuring the alcoholic beverages they sell are legally sold, regardless of their intended role as relaxing social hubs. Extravagant or entertaining features are a typical addition to golf clubs, but they can also increase difficulty, risk, and liability. However, country clubs or golf clubs, like any establishment that offers alcoholic beverages, need the safety that liquor liability insurance provides.

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Insurance for country clubs or golf clubs

What Does Liquor Liability for Country or Golf Clubs Cover

Quote Texas insurance offers the most flexible and complete coverage for your golf club, or country club. Our team of industry professionals is committed to going above and beyond to ensure the success of your business, and our unique knowledge in this area will provide you peace of mind in your protection. The claims that can be covered by liquor liability insurance include:

  • Your golf or country club  may be held liable for drunk driving if an intoxicated customer causes damage to property or injuries to other people in a car accident that the business contributed to by serving or selling alcohol.
  • If your property encounter damage caused a drunk customer, we cover the insurance for the damage.

You Don't Have to Stress Out About Insurance

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