Liquor Liability Insurance for Distributors in Texas

All distributors who operate in the liquor business need to protect themselves with liquor liability insurance to cover possible damages and personal injuries caused by someone who drank one of the products that they distributed. Even if the issue occurred at a bar, music hall, restaurant, or in someone's home, there is the potential for legal action to include the liquor distributor in a damage claim.  Don't get caught up in some lawyers "sue everyone for damages" legal liability claim.

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How Much Does Liquor Liability Insurance Cost for Distributors?

Pricing the cost of liquor liability insurance depends on many factors. Because of the volume handled, a liquor distributor might pay a higher premium than a cafeteria or supermarket that handles liquor sales. Factors used in calculating premiums include:

Liability Insurance for Distributors
  • Service Area: In which cities & state(s) you distribute your products will impact the insurance costs.
  • Location: The neighborhood where your warehouse is located, and the crime rate in that area, will impact costs.
  • Coverage Limits: The higher the coverage limit of your policy, the higher the monthly premiums.
  • Annual Sales: Your rate may be impacted by the amount of revenue your company generates each year.

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