Liquor Liability Insurance for Caterers in Texas

Liquor Liability Insurance for Caterers in Texas

Having the proper insurance in place can greatly benefit your catering business. It can protect you financially when there is an accident involving vans & vehicles or equipment used for business purposes. Additionally, liquor liability insurance can provide coverage when a customer who bought alcohol from your business ends up destroying property or causing bodily harm to himself or someone else. In many cases, liquor liability insurance can be added as an additional policy to your general liability insurance coverage.

Fortunately, the insurance experts at Quote Texas Insurance offer a wide array of custom-tailored policies to address these situations. We cover claims of liability for bodily injury or property damage involving an intoxicated customer in a restaurant, bar, or liquor store. The same precedent applies to caterers who serve alcohol with their meals. For more information, call us at 844-402-4464 or click here to get started creating a policy that provides liquor liability insurance for your catering business in Texas. Liquor liability insurance covers:

  • Misleading or wrong judgment or settlement
  • Legal fees
  • Expenses for property repair
  • Medical costs for health treatment

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Liquor Liability Insurance for Business By Quote Texas Insurance

At Quote Texas Insurance, we sound out more than 65 different carriers & help you choose the most favorable option for your business in Texas. Liquor liability insurance is essential for businesses that allow consumption on their premises as well as sell or serve alcohol. The list includes:

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Our highly-trained staff is certified & approved by the State of Texas Insurance Regulatory Board to create policies that benefit your catering business. This includes any type of liquor liability insurance for your catering business in Colorado City, Azle, Victoria, & other Texas cities that we serve. Call us NOW at 844-402-4464 or click here to get a quote for your catering business in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, or San Antonio today.