Commercial Property Insurance in Texas

Your business is important to the people who depend on it just as much as it is important to you. Not only is your business your bread and butter, it is your employees' source of livelihood as well, their way of providing for their loved ones. Whatever you do — whether you own a restaurant, a retail store, or a rental property, whether you run a private or a government office — people count on you to keep your organization running properly and smoothly.

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Protect Your Business from Fire, Natural Disasters and Other Unforeseen Events

Protect Your Business from Fire, Natural Disasters and Other Unforeseen Events

But have you ever considered what would happen should unforeseen events take place? Natural disasters or even a fire can break out and destroy your building and inventory, or thieves can break into your property and steal important equipment. In such instances, what sort of protection do you have? Certainly, a general liability insurance policy will not be enough. For commercial property insurance, we have 65 carriers who must compete for your business. You are assured that you will get the policy you need at the most competitive price. We "Make Insurance Simple."

If you are looking for a more thorough approach to insurance coverage in Texas, one that will afford you the protection and peace of mind you need when it comes to your important business investments, we encourage you to explore the commercial property insurance policies being offered by Quote Texas Insurance. Choosing the right one makes all the difference.

Depending on the policy you choose, coverage may extend to loss of income or to additional and continuing expenses, which will protect you during the time when your business must stay closed for repairs or renovations.

Whether you prefer a commercial property policy that includes only specified perils or a policy that covers damage or loss by risks not specifically excluded, Quote Texas Insurance is prepared to create one that is individualized specifically for your particular requirements.

Please contact us today for a quick quote or if you want to learn more about your options for choosing commercial property insurance in Texas.

Recent Commercial Property Liability Customers's We've Helped

Recent Commercial Property Liability Customers's We've Helped

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Houston, TX

Olga has a General Liability Policy with us that is coming up for renewal. Her vendors request proof of her renewed insurance a month in advance! And with the wait time to receive printed policy copies and new policy numbers, getting all that proof of insurance out so far in advance of the renewal date itself can be tricky! However, Olga was able to contact me to make her renewal payment and have all of her renewal certificates sent out the same day she requested them- 20 days before the policy was supposed to renew! She was relieved to have those taken off her plate so that she could focus on running her business.

Dallas, TX

Mary was looking over an application we had sent her for a commercial property policy she needed to get in force. Insurance contracts can have a lot of information with insurance lingo that is hard to understand at times, especially if you are not used to seeing and hearing it. I was able to take the time to walk through each question she had in regards to the coverages and terms listed on her Commercial Property application, and thus she gained a better understanding of the coverage itself and how it is valuable for her to have.

Alvarado, TX

Becky tried to make her normal payment through her carrier's online phone system and found out that her payment from last month had apparently not gone through. She wasn't sure how it had happened, since she had a confirmation number from the system. But Becky just had eye surgery and wasn't able to see like she normally would. She called me for some help to find out where her payment went. I did some work on the back end for her, was able to get her late fee removed, helped her get all of the payments made, and her policy back to normal. I let her know next time she needs to make a payment, she can just give me a call and I'll get it taken care of for her so she doesn't have to worry about it happening again.