Insurance For Directors and Officers Throughout Texas

Quote Texas Insurance offers a coverage category for corporate directors and officers insurance, should the seek lawsuit protection from their company's investors, employees or vendors, as well as competitors, customers or other parties for management decisions or practices perceived to be harmful.

Securing investors funds, in particular, requires a level of directors and officers insurance coverage for all parties' protection. Decisions are made and circumstances can lead to unfortunate events. Directors and officers insurance is a must in today's business climate. Quote Texas Insurance has solutions.

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Reasons For Directors and Officers Insurance in Texas

Insurance lawsuits

Company directors and officers can face litigation for numerous reasons. Quote Texas Insurance offers directors and officers insurance for these legal assertions:

  • Fraud
  • Lack of corporate guidance
  • Employment malpractice
  • Inability to complete fiduciary duty
  • Resulting great financial loss or bankruptcy
  • Regulation violations
  • Theft of property or company assets
Quote Texas Insurance Help Corporate Directors & Officers

How Quote Texas Insurance Directors and Officers Insurance Works in Texas

Directors and officers insurance claims are paid to a company director or officer for losses or reimbursement of legal costs if an action is brought. Quote Texas Insurance offers this financial protection for directors and officers when they most need it.

Such directors and officers insurance coverage can also extend to criminal or regulatory investigations, and trial defense costs.

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