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General Liability Insurance for Plumbing Contractors in Texas

As a plumbing contractor in Texas, you keep the water flowing for countless homes and businesses. But what happens if an unexpected mishap occurs on the job? General Liability insurance provides vital protection for your plumbing business in Texas.

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Why General Liability Insurance Is Important for Plumbing Contractors?

Plumbing may appear to be a simple profession, but even the best-trained contractor can face unexpected risks. The General Liability insurance protects your plumbing business against financial hardship resulting from third-party injury or property damage.

Financial protection
Financial protection

Accidents will happen. Accidents are inevitable. A loose pipe can trip a customer, a faulty install could cause water damage or a tool may slip and hurt someone. GL insurance pays for the legal fees and settlements resulting from these incidents.

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Client Confidence

This insurance demonstrates professionalism and commitment to safety of clients. This gives potential clients peace of mind and increases their trust in you.

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Licensing requirement

In Texas, a plumber's license is required to carry GL insurance. A valid GL insurance policy will ensure that you comply with all licensing requirements and prevent any delays or complications.

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How Much Does GL Insurance Typically Cost for Plumbing Contractors?

Plumbers' insurance costs can change based on a few things. The type of coverage you pick, how much you agree to pay upfront if something happens, the size of your business, how long you've been doing this work, and where you're located all play a role. Some plumbers pay less every month, while others pay more, depending on what they need.

With Quote Texas Insurance, you'll get help finding the right coverage. We'll look at your specific risks and check with different insurance companies to find you a quote that fits your needs and budget.

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What Does General Liability Insurance Cover?

  • Bodily Injuries: If a person is injured as a result of your business, general liability insurance covers legal and medical costs.
  • Property Damage: In the event that your work damages a client’s property accidentally, GL Insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement.
  • Completed Operation & Products: Even if a job has been completed, GL Insurance can protect you against claims of faulty workmanship resulting in property damage.
  • Advertising Injury: Protection for lawsuits that arise from slanderous and misleading advertising.

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