Insurance for Consultants in Texas

Not all consultants offer the same kind of expertise, and it’s because of this that every consultant needs to have an insurance plan that’s tailored to their business. Offering expert advice on a particular field or area is tricky, and there are times when the results are unfavorable to the clients. If a consultant has failed to meet the client’s demands, there’s a large possibility of getting sued. Without the right insurance coverage, the consultant will have to pay for the damages using her/his own money.

Quote Texas understands the uniqueness of each consultant, which is why we offer comprehensive insurance coverage that suits their needs and limits. If you’re a professional consultant operating in Texas, we recommend that you purchase the following insurance:

Professional Liability Insurance

Since you provide a specialized service, having professional liability insurance is an effective way to protect your expertise from situational claims. The following are situations that your clients can claim against your business:

  • You weren’t able to provide services as promised or advertised
  • You committed negligence during the course of delivering your services
  • You made mistakes in the service you rendered

Professional liability insurance can intervene the consequences of these claims and save your business from financial loss.

Commercial Property Insurance

If you’re a consultant who works in an office, commercial property insurance can protect your property from devastating and unforeseen scenarios. Should your office encounter a disastrous event, this insurance provides coverage for the damage of the following:

  • Landscaping
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Equipment and inventory of goods (if any)
  • Other people’s properties

Commercial property insurance also helps you recover faster, so you can continue giving expert advice easily even after the catastrophe.

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