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Business Owners Insurance in Texas

Business owners insurance is a comprehensive insurance package designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, like plumbing contractors. It combines general liability and business property insurance into a single, convenient, and cost-effective policy.

Quote Texas Insurance can help you navigate through the various coverage options to find a business owner's policy (BOP) for your Texas plumbing business. We are available in Plano, Abilene, Austin, and nearby Texas areas. Our professionals are certified and licensed.

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What Does Business Owner's Policy Cover?

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a vital policy to protect your business in a convenient way. A BOP's core is general liability and business property insurance. GL insurance will protect you against lawsuits if your business is responsible for someone getting hurt or damaging property.  And business property insurance covers your assets, such as your office, equipment, and tools from theft, fire, and even hailstorms in Texas.

A Customizable Policy for Convenient Solution 

BOPs are further customizable to meet your specific needs. In general business owners tailor this insurance by adding some coverage. 

Business insurance
Business Interruption Insurance

Burst pipe can cause major damage to your business. Business interruption insurance can help you cover your lost income and ongoing expenses.

Commercial auto insurance

Protects your vehicles, the lifeblood of any plumbing business, in case of theft, vandalism, accidents or other incidents.

Worker injured badly

In most states, including Texas, Workers' Compensation insurance is required if you have any employees. This insurance pays for medical costs and lost wages in the event of an employee suffering a work-related illness or injury.

Data breach protection
Data Breach Protection

A data breach in today's digital world can be costly. Some BOPs include optional coverage that can help you recover after a data breach, and protect your customers' information.

How We Assist Texas Plumbing Contractors

Understanding Your Business: We will take the time to understand the plumbing business you run, the operations and risks that you face. We can then customize an insurance policy that protects your livelihood.

Expert Advice: We have experienced agents who are familiar with Texas insurance regulations for business and plumbing contractors. Our agents will explain the coverage options to you in simple, clear terms so that you can make an informed decision.

Comparing Top Carriers: Our 65+ network of insurance providers in Texas allows us to shop across top carriers. We can shop around for the best coverage and prices by comparing quotes from different carriers.