Two warehouse workers discussing storage options for the water bottles being carried by a forklift

Insurance for Warehouses in Texas

Warehouse operators and owners can run a very lucrativeQuote Texas Insurance work business storing other people's properties in their facility. This type of business allows customers to temporarily keep important items in an environment that is generally deemed safe and secure. This does not mean, however, that these warehouses are 100 percent safe from the possibility of damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, and other situations beyond anyone's control.

When you operate a business that stores others' belongings for a price, you're going to need more than just a physically strong, weatherproof facility. Warehouse operators should have insurance policies to cover their many other risk exposures, and this is where Quote Texas Insurance can help.

Warehouse operators' insurance can be very tricky and is usually a point of contention for both the business owner and the client due to certain misunderstood elements. Indeed, it pays to know the basics. Before you decide on the kind of coverages you'll secure for your business, asking your agent about the following policies is a good way to get started:

  • Commercial general liability insurance – As a business owner, you need to protect your enterprise from many uncertainties. Accidents that can injure your clients, employees that end up damaging property owned by your customers, and even issues like copyright infringement and libel are just some of the things that this policy protects you from. Commercial general liability insurance will cover the financial obligations you need to face when these things occur. These can include your legal defense fees, the injured party's medical expenses, and any compensation you might be required to pay.
  • Commercial property insurance – This is another type of insurance that is ideal for warehouse owners and operators like you since this policy can help cover you financially in the event that your building or structure is damaged. Commercial property insurance can also cover for the loss or damage of goods or inventory, equipment, other people's properties, and the fixtures and furniture found within the facility.
  • Workers' compensation insurance – Another policy business owners should not fail to have is workers' compensation insurance. This policy will help protect your workers, as well as yourself, from unexpected costs like medical bills and lost wages if an employee gets injured while working. This will also provide your employees' family with death and burial benefits if the injury sustained by a worker results in that person's death.
  • Commercial auto and equipment insurance – Warehouse operators often have mobile equipment like forklifts and vehicles like trucks for moving items around for storage or for delivery and pick-up purposes. The right commercial auto insurance and equipment insurance policies will cover these important workhorses when they become damaged due to accidents like collisions, fire, vandalism, and other occurrences. These policies can also help when your employees accidentally injure someone while using a vehicle or mobile equipment.
  • Professional liability insurance – Running a warehouse is a business that is fraught with many perils, including the possibility of employees committing errors or negligence in their job that may result in injury to other people or damage to a client's property. A customer can also file a claim against your company for promising to deliver a specific service and failing to do so as per your agreement, or as advertised. When this happens, your professional liability insurance policy can help you cover any costs that may arise due to such issues.

Protecting your business from the possibility of financial loss is crucial to the survival of your enterprise. Quote Texas Insurance can help you with whatever insurance policies your business needs. You should be aware that having insurance for your warehouse is necessary to help prevent your business from going under due to unforeseen circumstances. We make insurance simple.

To find out more about insurance policies for warehouse operators, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you learn more about our services and packages.