Insurance for Restaurant Owners - Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Liability Insurance

Restaurant owners who hope to build a thriving business should not only make sure they offer good food and great service, they should also protect themselves with the right insurance coverages. Running a business, after all, is not without its problems, and not having insurance to back you up may give you more than just headache. Accidents, disasters, and liability claims are realities that enterprises face on a daily basis, and these are dangers that could cause an otherwise healthy business to fold up. Getting insured is one of the best ways to make sure you're one step ahead of such unexpected events.

There are many types of insurance policies that businesses can take advantage of in order to protect their interests. When it comes to restaurants, there are policies available beyond the usual commercial property insurance or commercial general liability insurance policies. For instance, if your restaurant serves liquor or alcoholic drinks of any kind, you will need liquor liability insurance.

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What is liquor liability insurance?

One effect of drinking alcoholic beverages is intoxication, and when a person is intoxicated, there is a higher probability of accidents happening. Whether the inebriation-induced mishaps happen while the person is inside your restaurant or outside, your business can be held liable. Liquor liability insurance can provide coverage in the following situations:

When a customer over-imbibes on alcohol and gets harmed because you continued to serve drinks even though that customer is already clearly drunk. Such a customer might become involved in a slip and fall injury or might suffer blood and organ damage.

  • When a drunk customer figures in a car accident and people affected by the mishap sue you for damages.
  • When a patron of your business commits a crime like assault and battery and you get brought to court because you are deemed accountable.
  • This insurance does not cover your business, however, if you knowingly serve or sell alcoholic beverages to minors.

Limitations of liquor liability insurance

It might be a good idea to customize your policy to cover things that some business owners tend to overlook. If a risk is not stipulated in your liquor liability insurance policy, you might find yourself paying out of pocket. You have to make sure that these particular events or risks are indeed covered.

Another issue you need to cover is employee liquor liability. While it may be unlikely that your employees will come to work intoxicated or get intoxicated while at work, it is probably a good idea to still have this covered.

To ensure that you do get the kind of coverage you need for your restaurant, it is a good idea to get in touch with professionls in the field of insurance. Quote Texas Insurance can help you figure out what your business truly needs in terms of the policies and coverages required to protect your investment. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.