Insurance for Breweries & Distilleries in Texas

Breweries & distilleries are fitted with specialized equipment required to produce alcoholic beverages & drinks. Most of these types of equipment are expensive and require experience to operate. In the case, that some of your tools are damaged by an employee or somehow one of your workers is harmed, insurance can provide ease of mind.

Quote Texas provides convenient insurance packages for businesses that brew liquors. Our insurance policies can be tailored to meet your specific needs and protect you from unexpecting dangers. We can cover physical injury, loss of property, damaged assets, and more. For more information, call us at 844-402-4464 to reach a Quote Texas insurance specialist.

How Can Liquor Liability Insurance Protect Your Business?


Breweries produce alcohol on a large scale, hence an unfortunate disaster can damage lots of company assets. You or your employees may also suffer from physical injuries. A liquor liability insurance protects your business by covering the:

  • Legal lawsuits
  • Expenses for property damage restoration
  • Medical bills for health treatment

General Liability Insurance

Liquor liability insurance can be added as an endorsement for general liability insurance. General liability insurance is useful for handling personal injury claims that a client, employee, or other third parties may file against your company. Damages, legal costs, and medical expenses are all covered.


Commercial Property Insurance

Your business may be unable to operate due to several unforeseeable accidents or property damage. Commercial property insurance is a practical solution to handle:

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Battery and assault
  • Property damage to commercial property.
  • Loss of business asset

This type of insurance coverage offers money for property damage repairs and reconstruction as well as protects the value of lost assets.


Who is Liquor Liability Insurance For?

Any business that sells, serves, or distributes alcohol can benefit from liquor liability insurance. Furthermore, businesses that allow the consumption of alcohol on their premises may also find liquor liability insurance to be useful. Other businesses and industries that can be protected with liquor liability include:

Insurance Coverage That Meets Your Needs

If you own a business in Texas that sells, serves, or distributes alcohol, liquor liability insurance is greatly beneficial for you. We offer our insurance packages at competitive rates to companies operating inside Pantego, Tyler, Houston, Clyde & other nearby areas across Texas. Call us at 844-402-4464 or click here to get a quote based on your brewery or distillery from our insurance professionals.