Liquor Liability Insurance for Public Golf Courses in Texas

Many public golf courses receive a significant portion of their income from selling alcoholic drinks on the course and in the clubhouse. To protect your facility from liabilities associated with providing alcoholic beverages to customers, your golf course needs a liquor liability insurance policy to cover any potential damages.

At Quote Texas Insurance, our agents regularly provide liquor liability insurance for golf course owners to protect their businesses against costly claims. We offer customized insurance policies that protect golf course owners in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin, and other cities throughout Texas. Call us at 844-402-4464  to learn more about our services or simply click here to get a quote today for liquor liability insurance for your golf course in Texas.

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Insurance for Golf Courses

What Does a Liquor Liability Policy Cover at a Golf Course?

The following types of claims may be covered by liquor liability insurance at public courses in Texas:

Assault & Battery: When a golfer who drank at your course causes bodily harm to another individual.

Drunk Driving: If a golfer who drank at your course damages someone else's property or injures someone while driving, you are covered.

Property Damage: If a golfer who drank at your golf course damages property, you will not be held liable for the damage.

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What Determines the Cost of Insurance at a Golf Course?

There is no universally applicable price for liquor liability insurance at a public golf course. Such a premium would be determined by variables that include:

  • Percentage revenues from alcohol sales.
  • Course location.
  • Amount of rounds played per year by golfers.
  • Evidence of previous claims.

Protect Your Course with Liquor Liability Insurance in Austin & DFW

We make it our business to learn about you and your concerns so that we can provide the best liquor liability insurance for your golf course in Austin, Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, and other cities throughout Texas. When you need our services, call us at 844-402-4464 or click here to lock in the best possible insurance rate for your public golf course today.