Insurance for Golf Courses throughout Texas

Most golf courses get a significant portion of their income from selling alcoholic drinks. Financial and reputational losses are also possible outcomes of legal liability. The likelihood of a liquor liability lawsuit occurring at your golf course may be mitigated by implementing sound rules and procedures.

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Insurance for Golf Courses

What Will Liquor Liability Insurance Cover for Golf Courses?

The following types of claims may be covered by liquor liability insurance:

Assault And Battery: When a drunk consumer causes bodily harm to another individual.

Drunk driving: If an alcoholic customer causes damage to someone else's property or causes an accident in which someone else is hurt, your golf course might be held liable.

Property damage: If a drunk client causes physical harm to another person, the golf course may be held liable for any resulting property damage.

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How Much Does Golf Course Insurance Cost?

There is no universally applicable price for liquor liability insurance for a golf course close to you. The layout and design of each golf course are completely unique. A golf course's insurance premium may be affected by a number of variables, including:

  • Assuming that you do provide alcoholic beverages
  • Your rate depends on annual sales.
  • Course size
  • Course location
  • Personnel Count
  • Evidence of Previous Claims

Protect Your Golf Course with Our Liquor Liability Insurance

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