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Insurance for HVAC Professionals in Texas

Homes, business establishments, and industrial facilities alike rely on HVAC contractors and technicians when they want a properly designed and installed heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration system.

These professionals do us a lot of favor. They keep homes free of indoor air hazards, they service refrigeration units in grocery stores so that food products don't spoil, and they also help keep office buildings warm during the cold season. Basically, they keep a lot of things running like clockwork, so the job outlook for those who are in this industry is very bright indeed.

However, as an HVAC professional, you are also exposed to a number of risks. At Quote Texas Insurance, we are aware of the fact that you need a reliable insurance policy that will help keep your livelihood secure. We've helped many other professionals from your sector, so you can bank on us to provide you with the same kind of protection that they have been enjoying for years.

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Insurance for HVAC professionals

Comprehensive Insurance Solutions for HVAC Professionals

HVAC contractors and technicians specialize in designing, installing, repairing, and, maintaining various heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration equipment. The professions in the industry are usually subdivided into different technician types based on skill requirements and equipment specialization. Some of the professions covered by this sector are as follows:

  • HVAC technicians servicing small appliances
  • HVAC technicians servicing equipment with high-pressure refrigerants
  • HVAC technicians servicing equipment with low-pressure refrigerants
  • Universal HVAC technicians

No matter what your area of specialization is, our team of experts at Quote Texas Insurance is prepared to offer you an individualized insurance policy that meets your specific needs. We provide excellent coverage and exemplary services at the best rates possible.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

As HVAC contractors and technicians, you do most of your work in other people's homes or offices. This opens you up to risks that involve other people figuring in accidents because of the work you do. For example, someone from the site you are serving might trip over equipment or tools you are using. When such a thing happens, that person could sue you for damages. A commercial general liability insurance policy can provide coverage for liability claims like this. The claims can include any bodily injury and property damage that results from negligence on the part of the policyholder. In addition to any court-ordered compensation for the other person, the commercial general liability insurance also covers the cost of your legal fees.

Professional Liability Insurance

Now, here’s another hypothetical situation. What are you going to do if, for example, after servicing a home or an office, the client sues you for allegedly designing a faulty HVAC system that introduced air contaminants into their property and put their health at risk? If you are found accountable for erroneous work, the court could order you to pay compensation. A professional liability insurance policy helps protect service-providing individuals like HVAC contractors and technicians from bearing the entire cost of defending a negligence claim made by their clients. It also pays for any damages that may be awarded in a civil lawsuit

HVAC technician with his tools

Commercial Property Insurance

HVAC contractors and technicians use a number of tools, equipment, and supplies to do their jobs right. In case these tools get lost or get damaged due to perils like fire, theft, and vandalism, commercial property insurance can help pay for their repair or replacement. It can also provide coverage for any damage that your main business location might sustain due to similar risks.

Injured employee in the work place

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

When you or your employee becomes ill or injured while doing your job, this insurance policy will help cover the costs of your medical and hospital bills. Furthermore, it can also provide coverage for other items, including missed wages and funeral costs, should the injury or illness result in death. This type of insurance is especially important for HVAC contractors and technicians because they are exposed to various risks at work. Electrocution is one of the risks, as is exposure to indoor air hazards. It’s always best to have reliable workers’ compensation insurance that can step in to cover for you when you need it.

Damaged vehicle

Commercial Auto Insurance

Like other tradesmen, HVAC contractors and technicians need service vehicles so that they can do service calls. In the event that your company vehicle figures in an accident, the commercial auto insurance policy provides coverage for any physical damage which your vehicle might sustain, in addition to injuries which you or your passengers might suffer. Moreover, it can also cover the costs of your legal defense if there are other people involved in the accident and they decide to bring you to court.

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Finding the right insurance policy does not have to be hard. Quote Texas Insurance is here to provide you with wide array of insurance solutions so that you can get started on getting the protection you need as an HVAC professional. Quote Texas Insurance searches through 65 carriers to find you the best match for your unique business needs! Please contact us or call us at 844-402-4464 today for more information.

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