Wholesale Trade and Distributor Insurance in Texas

Wholesale Trade and Distributor Insurance in Texas
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When you are a wholesaler or a distributor, you have as many risks as any other business owner. It is important that you have the right kind of coverage to protect your investment and to ensure that your business can survive all of the risks that come with it.

In the wholesale industry, the risks are similar to those of retailers. These include risks brought about by accidents with your equipment, those brought about by your employees, and even those that are caused by the products that you sell. You can even be held liable for accidents caused by the vehicles you use to deliver or pick-up merchandise with.

No Business or Industry is Without Risks

You have to remember that all types of business come with their own set of risks, with some of these risks being present in all industries. This means that some business will need to have the same kind of insurance policies to protect them, while others need to have more insurance coverage than others due to the more dangers that are present with their line of work.

In this line of business, here are some of the policies you should have to protect your investment, your employees and your customers:

  • General liability insurance – Used to cover all basic business liabilities, this includes property damage and injuries that you or your workers cause because of what you do.
  • Business property insurance – Your equipment should also be covered just in case your machines break down, get stolen or experience vandalism.
  • Commercial vehicle insuranceA wholesale business needs vehicles to transport goods from the supplier to the warehouse. These can be involved in accidents, making this type of insurance policy essential.
  • Business interruption insuranceYou can never tell when disaster will strike. Having this kind of insurance will help you continue to survive and provide your employees with wages even when you are temporarily closed due to circumstances beyond your control.
  • Workers’ compensationThis is required in all states but with different stipulations for each one. This is to help defray any costs that may arise when your employees suffer ailments and accidents due to their work or while they are at work.

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