Insurance for All Kinds of Home-Based Business in Texas

For all the home-based business owners operating in Texas, you need to ask yourselves a few fundamental questions such as:

  • Do customers or clients come to my home?
  • Will damage to my home bring my business to a halt?
  • Do I keep inventory or supplies in my home?
  • Do I record business information on my computer?
  • Do I have employees working in & outside of my home?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions mention above, home liability insurance might not provide enough protection for your business in this case. You may need business or commercial insurance to protect your home-based business.

We Provide Convenient Insurance for Small & Big Businesses

The insurance specialists from Quote Texas has been providing business insurance for all kinds of small and big business across Texas. With a fully licensed and educated staff, we focus on offering quality insurance policies at quality prices. When you need insurance for your home-based business call us at 844-402-4464 or click here for a FREE QUOTE.

Common Home-Based Business Insurance Coverages

General Liability: It helps to pay for third-party injuries and damages for which you’re responsible.

Commercial Auto A commercial auto insurance helps to pay for the vehicles you use for business.

Professional Liability: This type of insurance protects your business against claims of negligence related to a professional service.

Business Interruption Insurance: It protects you against monetary losses you may suffer from due to a natural disaster and the repair time that comes after it.

Equipment & Tools: It helps cover the loss or damage of equipment & tools that your business might require to operate.

Workers Compensation: It can cover the medical expenses and lost income of an employee who has sustained an injury while on the job.

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We can help secure your business from all kinds of unforeseen disasters or damages that might interrupt your business’ progression. Our insurance professionals are available across Carrollton, San Marcos, Richmond, Waco, and other nearby areas across Texas to help you find the best insurance for your business needs. Give us a call today at 844-402-4464 for more information.