Commercial Auto Insurance in Fort Worth

Unforeseen accidents can disrupt your business operations. That is why you should ensure coverage for all assets, including commercial vehicles used for business activities. Inadequate coverage can result in significant disruptions and financial losses for your business. Quote Texas Insurance has the solutions you need. We offer dependable commercial auto insurance policies that extend beyond basic protection.

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Coverage Area of Our Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance policies of Quote Texas Insurance cover the following:

Delivery Services

Commercial auto insurance covers damages resulting from collisions. This ensures that businesses can recover quickly without bearing the full brunt of repair costs.

Construction Companies

Liabilities for Bodily Injury or Death
This insurance includes coverage for liabilities arising from bodily injury or death. It protects businesses from legal consequences and can fulfill financial responsibilities post-incidents.

In-Home Service

Property Damage
Commercial auto insurance extends coverage to address property damage. It provides financial protection and helps businesses manage the fallout of such incidents.

Roofing Contractors

Protection Against Uninsured or Hit-and-Run Motorists
This insurance includes protection against uninsured or hit-and-run motorists. It protects businesses from financial losses caused by uninsured and irresponsible drivers.


Industries That Must Consider Commercial Auto Insurance

Industries that use commercial autos or vehicles to provide their services or goods should get their vehicles insured. Some of the industries that use vehicles every day to run their business are:

  • Delivery Service Providers
  • Construction Companies
  • Restoration Companies
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Rug Cleaning Companies
  • Cleaning Companies
  • Remodeling Companies
  • HVAC Service Providers
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