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Commercial Auto Insurance in Dallas

Statistics show nearly 35,400 motor vehicle accidents occur in Dallas, TX, each year. Don't you think that the vehicles, autos, or trucks that you use for your business purposes in Dallas should be covered by commercial auto insurance? Quote Texas Insurance has the answers for you. We provide reliable commercial auto insurance policies that go beyond mere protection.

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Dallas Industries That Require Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance is particularly crucial for these industries in Dallas to protect vehicles against potential risks:

Delivery or shipping car parked in the parking lot
Delivery Services

Uses trucks or vehicles to transport goods to customers or make regular shipments.

Construction truck
Construction Companies

Use trucks and specialized vehicles to transport equipment and materials to job sites.

Two in-home service provider with their necessary tools
In-Home Services

Companies who uses service vehicles for offering services like plumbing, electrical work, or HVAC maintenance.

Roofing contractors
Roofing Contractors

Use heavy-duty trucks, and specialized vehicles to carry roofing material or to provide service.

Workers of rug cleaning company
Rug Cleaning Providers

Uses vehicles for carrying expensive rug-cleaning, and drying equipment, and delicate rugs.

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Expertise You Can Trust in Dallas

Navigating the complexities of insurance can be challenging, but Quote Texas Insurance makes it easy. We are well-versed in commercial auto insurance coverage. We provide proper guidance to help you make informed decisions. From understanding policy terms to selecting appropriate coverage limits, we ensure you have the knowledge to protect your business in Dallas effectively. Contact Us Now

Our Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage in Dallas Includes:

  • Collision-related vehicle damage
  • Liabilities for bodily injury or death
  • Liabilities for damage to another person's property
  • Coverage for policyholders' personal injury
  • Injuries or property harm resulting from uninsured or hit-and-run drivers

Common Insurance Offered by Quote Texas Insurance

Quote Texas Insurance has been providing custom insurance solutions in Dallas since 2001:

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Safeguarding your business vehicles is not just a precaution, it's a necessity. Quote Texas Insurance stands as a reliable partner. We offer commercial auto insurance policies that bring peace of mind to businesses across the Dallas area. Get in touch with us today to protect your commercial vehicles.

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