Income Benefits Coverage Throughout Texas

Part of the difficulty in running a business is the sudden loss of an employee or employees due to illness or injury (at or away from work). Their loss of production and income can be debilitating, especially with living, medical and other expenses they accumulate.

Income benefits coverage is the solution for hurt or ill employees' loss of work income, and you can rest easy knowing they're taken care of by Quote Texas Insurance. If they can eventually recover and return to work, the security of their income benefits coverage likely will have put them in a more productive mindset.

At Quote Texas Insurance, we understand your desire to protect those who help your business succeed. With our comprehensive workers' compensation insurance benefits, which includes income benefits coverage, your employees can focus more on their recovery. To learn more, call 844-402-4464 or reach us through our contact form

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Types of Income Benefits Coverage By Quote Texas Insurance

Quote Texas Insurance offers three major types of income benefits coverage that includes:

Temporary Income benefit

Temporary income benefits (TIBs): Grants injured or ill employees a percentage their income if they're unable to attend work for several days or an other extended period.

Supplemental Income Benefit

Supplemental income benefits (SIBs): Grants injured or ill employees a percentage of their income if they're unable to attend work for several months.

Lifetime Income Benefit

Lifetime income benefits (LIBs): Grants employees a percentage of their income throughout their workable years if their sustained illness or injury suffered causes conditions in which it becomes difficult for them to work. Examples include permanent loss of eyesight, hearing or mobility, loss of limb(s), physical trauma, etc.

Let Quote Texas Insurance Protect Your Employees With Income Benefits Coverage

Since 2001, Quote Texas Insurance has set the industry standard for workers' compensation insurance in DallasAustinSan AntonioHouston and other cities throughout our Texas service area. We believe in providing affordable, quality services, including income benefits coverage. Call 844-402-4464 for all your insurance needs or visit our contact page to learn more or ask any questions. Our additional insurance services include commercial general liability insurance and business insurance.