Miscellaneous Professional Liability for Professionals in Texas

As someone who provides a specific professional service, you’re fully aware that your clients expect a lot from you. You do whatever it takes to meet their demands, but things don’t always go the way you’ve planned.

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Miscellaneous Professional Liability for Professionals in Texas

Even if you’ve been in your line of work for many years, you’re still prone to make mistakes like the following:

  • Failed to deliver your service on time
  • Misplaced, damaged, or destroyed your customer’s property
  • Unable to render your services properly

Your clients won’t be happy about the situation and will most likely sue you for these allegations. As a result, you’ll have to cover the damages done and the cost of your own defense.

Paying for these claims can burden you financially and potentially close your business. Fortunately, you can get the monetary aid you need if you have miscellaneous professional liability.

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Why You Should Consider Purchasing Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Miscellaneous professional liability, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) liability, is intended for individuals who are in a select professional service. It helps cover the cost of your defense and the liabilities that have sprung from allegations – whether they’re warranted or not. It also comes with additional benefits like access to specialty law firms and experienced claim specialists.

If you’re interested in getting one, contact Quote Texas Insurance so we can start creating a plan that fits your needs and limits.

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Quote Texas Insurance has been providing quality insurance services since 2001. Our company has made comprehensive insurance plans for numerous industries and professionals in Texas through the years, so we know which policies suit your business.

When it comes to our miscellaneous professional liability, we’ve committed ourselves to make it available to as many professionals as possible. As such, our miscellaneous professional liability is applicable to the following class codes:

  • All consultants class codes
  • App developers
  • Blog
  • Business networking companies
  • Date processors
  • Fire consultants
  • Food consultants
  • Genealogy websites
  • HR consultants
  • Interior designers
  • Professional service firms
  • Security consultants
  • Social media companies
  • Social networking websites
  • And many more…

Give us a call at 844-402-4464 and our agents will be more than happy to assist you. Quote Texas Insurance also provides comprehensive insurance plans for various industries if you’re interested in getting one.