Excess Professional Liability Insurance in Texas

There's no denying that lawsuits can be costly and depending on the judge’s final verdict, you may have to cover the other party’s injuries and damages, as well as her/his attorney’s fees. You might think that your current liability insurance will be able to cover all the costs. However, your insurance policies have their limits, and if the fines exceed those limits, you might find yourself paying the excess out of your own pocket.

Fortunately, excess professional liability insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected financial burdens.

Excess Professional Liability in Texas

What is Excess Professional Liability?

Excess professional liability insurance is an umbrella insurance that pays the remainder of the damages in the event your primary insurance can’t cover the full cost. It only kicks in when your insurance policy’s limit has been exceeded, so if you have much to lose in a lawsuit, it’s definitely a policy you should consider getting. This insurance is also suitable for individuals working in professions with a lot of litigations and businesses with high-risk damage.

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