Professional Liability Insurance for Propane Gas Suppliers, Dealers & Distributors in Texas

Professional Liability Insurance for Propane Gas Suppliers, Dealers & Distributors in Texas

Propane is an essential household commodity that fuels appliances like heaters and cooking ranges. It’s often in demand so gas suppliers, dealers and distributors need to ensure that their products follow regulation and are piped safely. However, the flammable nature of propane may create unforeseen incidents that result in hefty lawsuits and fines. In order to prepare for those financially burdening scenarios, it’s good for companies that handle propane gas to get professional liability insurance for their business.

If you’re looking for an insurance provider that offers comprehensive liability insurance for your propane gas business in Texas, contact Quote Texas today. We provide policies that cater to the uniqueness of your business.

Protect Your Business with Quote Texas

Even if you didn’t intend for a propane-related accident to happen, the distressed employee or client will still hold you accountable. Piled up fines are bad for business, as your finances and image are put on the line. With Quote Texas’ gas supplier, dealer & distributors professional liability insurance, you have the opportunity to cover your losses and protect your reputation. This particular liability insurance provides standard coverages like:

We also offer specialized coverages, such as:

  • Accounts receivable
  • Auto pollution broadening
  • Computer/EDP
  • Money and securities
  • Property in transit
  • Personal belongings
  • Temporary location/extra expenses
  • Valuable records research
  • Wrongful delivery of liquid products
  • Service charge to the fire department

Our professional liability insurance is perfect for propane gas companies that ship their products to residential and commercial customers.

You can trust Quote Texas to provide your property with the right insurance. We’ve been working with various businesses since 2001, and our field experience taught us that not all establishments require the same coverage. We also offer workers compensation to protect your hardworking employees, as well. Give us a call at 844-756-8684 and let’s talk about a plan that suits your business. You can also contact us online for your convenience.