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What is Workers Compensation coverage? Is it hard to get?

Workers Compensation coverage is coverage for bodily injury for employees, even up to death, for employees who have accidents that happen while doing for you at that time. Texas is one of the only states left that does not require workers compensation, so we see a lot of people who brush it off, but you really do need it.  You always want to look at this, even if you have as little as two employees.

What is Workers Compensation coverage? Is it hard to get?

For example, if you are a roofer and one of your employees falls off the roof and gets significantly hurt, that could cost you your business. You will be able to cover the cost of lost income/wages, medical expenses and more. You could even be sued.  

It's just a really good policy to have to cover the possibility of someone getting hurt.  When you start a business, many companies or contractors you work with will ask for proof of workers compensation and if you don't have it, you may hold up business or lose business if you can't provide proof of coverage because then they might be liable. It's good coverage to round out your business policies.  

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