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What if I started my policy doing one type of work, but I'm now doing something else?

Then you'd call us on the service side of things and tell us hey.. I want to change my policy, I want to know if this is covered, I want to know how to go about this and that's whenever we would endorse your policy, look to see if the coverage is already there if it just needs to be clarified or make any changes and answer any questions on coverage. So really communication with your service agent and the agent that you're working with is going to be the best thing for that. That's one of the ways that we excel at Quote-Texas is because we do have a team solely dedicated to doing that for you.

What if I started my policy doing one type of work, but I'm now doing something else?

That's right yeah and I mean you know I just had this come up with a customer month of mine that said he wasn't really changing what he was doing but he was expecting that he was going to be adding some employees but it wasn't a for-sure thing all kind of dependent on how his business evolved over the next six months and I told him exactly that... I said hey you know if something changes, you're adding employees, you're getting bigger you can tell us that and we can change the policy. I think one of the biggest mistakes a lot of people make is they'll get a general liability policy just like that and the assumption is just oh I've got a general liability policy uncovered but in the meantime your business is changing, it's evolving, maybe you saw another opportunity, another trade to came into your business where you're gonna be making more money and all of that.

Anytime there is a structural change whether that be adding employees or whether that be a different type of work you always want to communicate to your agent because they can ensure that your policy is going to be sufficient to come and you're not leaving yourself open.