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What are some discounts that come into play on different policies.

I mean the two most common discounts that everyone qualifies for that they have been sell on is either they have been paying the policy in full or setting them on the automatic draft. There are other discounts that come into play when it comes to like how long your business has been in business, the previous coverage, etc.

What are some discounts that come into play on different policies.

The two that everyone qualifies for are either paying it in full or set up on automatic draft that we have. Not everybody can pay in full you know. We understand that you are running a business and you don't always have the big chunks of change to pay something off in full at the beginning. But EFT and automatic payments are gonna save you from so many headaches because you're running a business. You've got your head full with all of that. If you are setting it up with EFT or automatic payments that's one thing off of your plate each month. And you know we are definitely gonna be able to catch it on the back if we do get notices like that. But setting it up at the front just makes it so much smoother.

As far as other discounts go we usually see years in business is a big one that we see a lot as well as previous coverage. Previous coverage can not be overrated as to its importance when it comes to general liability, commercial auto policy, and workers compensation. These are the three big ones because lapses could mean gaps and liability that could comeback to you. When the carrier see that they have those lapses, it can affect the premium and therefore you might be paying a higher amount for that. So definitely being able to prove that you have consecutive coverage is a huge discount that we look for.