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If I have a Commercial Auto policy, can I let whomever works for me drive?

For the most part on commercial auto policies the answers are going to be no on that They work differently than personal auto policies where if you have a personal vehicle you've lent it to a friend with permission or somebody in your house is driving it with permission the liability is going to extend there and it's not necessarily the same thing for commercial auto because you are typically looking at a wider pool of drivers, wider ages of drivers, driving records are different and these are all thing that vastly impacts.

Commercial auto policies and premiums for instance if you have a guy who you just got hired. He's 19 years old and he's got three speeding tickets on his record. It's not something that you knew when you hired him if you didn't talk to us and we had turned to talk to your commercial auto carrier and look for adding him they would have no idea that they have somebody with a record on the policy that could possibly up to the premium. They have no way of covering their end and you could possibly be looking at a declination of a claim if anything were to happen with him as a driver.

If I have a Commercial Auto policy, can I let whomever works for me drive?

If you're running any business you probably gonna have employees come and go. Again that all boils down to if you want to be protected then you need to make sure you understand what's on your policy, what endorsements are there, or not there what's it gonna cover and what's it not gonna cover and then just make sure that when you have people drive you know that they're covered.

yeah and I've even seen our customers our insurance contact me and just they'll make a couple of changes at once delete this driver, add this driver and they've been driving for a couple of weeks now and I was like oh you know we definitely wanna get these added as soon as they start and they are like... well we had a bunch of changes I didn't want to keep calling and bugging you. Well, that's what we're here for you to call us or email us whichever one is easiest. That's our job. That's what we want to do for you is just help you make that easier and help you with any of those questions or any of those changes that you have day-to-day