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  • Reviewed By: Mel Stone
  • Location: Brenham, TX 77833
  • How would you rate the first phone call experience with our company? 5 Stars5
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  • Comment: I can't say enough positive things about Brian. I came to Brian through a referral from my personal insurance agent. I was seeking to get a business quote for a startup company with no prior history. Brian was so helpful and kind from the beginning. He sought to understand the business and what we did. Brian worked hard to get me quotes, I however received a quote that was $4K less with another major insurance player so I proceeded to work with them. I experienced poor customer service, no appreciation for my business and a lengthy process trying to get the policies written. It was at this time I went back to Brian to see if he could at all still help me and possibly match this quote. Brian did not shun me, he welcomed me back and worked hard to get a new revised quote for me with equal coverage of the quote I had received from the other company. Brian not only got me the coverage but bettered my workers comp quote and did all of this in a week. Something that the other insurance company(USI) was unable to accomplish in a month. Thank you Brian for your outstanding character, your persistence to advocate for me and my company and your amazing customer service. First time business owners encounter so many challenges and obstacles but you made insurance pleasant.
  • Overall Rating 5 Stars

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