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Here are some examples of customers we've helped for their general liability, commercial liability and workers compensation insurance needs.

Customer Photo Solutions Provided
Macias Specialty Contracting
Fort Worth, TX
January 14, 2020

New Covenant Construction
Fort Worth, TX
January 12, 2020

Ricky Eade Plumbing
October 29, 2019

Pro Reno Group
Alvardo, TX
October 22, 2019

Design A Signs, LLC
Burleson, TX
October 9, 2019

I advised her that the best way to have General Liability and Business Personal Property Coverage is by utilizing a Business Owner's Policy. It bundles all the coverage's she needs in one policy so that she doesn't have to worry about keeping track of yet another policy and the paperwork that goes with it. Not only did it save her time and filing space, but it was also cost effective!

Piedra Group, LLC
Brenham, TX
October 1, 2019

We knew right away that she would need an official letter stating she does not qualify for an EMR to satisfy their request. We were able to get this letter out to her so that she could present it to the client and obtain the contract she sought after.

Local Movings
Houston, TX
September 9, 2019

Because Tomy specializes in moving and not insurance, she didn't know what the additional insured endorsement was and whether or not it was reasonable of the vendor to request she add it to her policy. Tomy called me and I gave her insight as to what that endorsement means and how it affects her policy. With the new information she gained from that conversation, Tomy was able to make an informed decision when considering making changes to her policy.

Brenham, TX
August 13, 2019

We were able to help with the specific additional insured endorsements and policy contract requirements that she needed help with. I was able to use my past experience and expertise to analyze the contract requirements. Melissa was in talks with other agents as well but was not able to find another who was able to get the specific additional insured endorsement required by the contract. But thanks to Quote Texas Insurance she was able to find exactly what she needed!

Mary V
Dallas, TX
August 13, 2019

Mary was looking over an application we had sent her for a commercial property policy she needed to get in force. Insurance contracts can have a lot of information with insurance lingo that is hard to understand at times, especially if you are not used to seeing and hearing it. I was able to take the time to walk through each question she had in regards to the coverages and terms listed on her Commercial Property application, and thus she gained a better understanding of the coverage itself and how it is valuable for her to have.

Olga Kim
Houston, TX
August 13, 2019

Olga has a General Liability Policy with us that is coming up for renewal. Her vendors request proof of her renewed insurance a month in advance! And with the wait time to receive printed policy copies and new policy numbers, getting all that proof of insurance out so far in advance of the renewal date itself can be tricky! However, Olga was able to contact me to make her renewal payment and have all of her renewal certificates sent out the same day she requested them- 20 days before the policy was supposed to renew! She was relieved to have those taken off her plate so that she could focus on running her business.

Mel Stone
Brenham, TX
August 12, 2019

I can't say enough positive things about Brian. I came to Brian through a referral from my personal insurance agent. I was seeking to get a business quote for a startup company with no prior history. Brian was so helpful and kind from the beginning. He sought to understand the business and what we did. Brian worked hard to get me quotes, I however received a quote that was $4K less with another major insurance player so I proceeded to work with them. I experienced poor customer service, no appreciation for my business and a lengthy process trying to get the policies written. It was at this time I went back to Brian to see if he could at all still help me and possibly match this quote. Brian did not shun me, he welcomed me back and worked hard to get a new revised quote for me with equal coverage of the quote I had received from the other company. Brian not only got me the coverage but bettered my worker's comp quote and did all of this in a week. Something that the other insurance company(USI) was unable to accomplish in a month. Thank you Brian for your outstanding character, your persistence to advocate for me and my company and your amazing customer service. First time business owners encounter so many challenges and obstacles but you made insurance pleasant.

Enriched Organics, LLC
La Vernia, TX
August 12, 2019

Enriched Organics, LLC has been a customer with us since 2017, but we didn't carry their commercial auto policy. When a large contract came up that required them to show proof of their commercial auto policy, they struggled with the agent that carried that policy for them. The agent was slow to respond and wasn't able to provided the endorsements needed. The insured contacted me very frustrated with the problems she was experiencing as it was holding up a job. I offered to take a look at her policy and we were able to find her a more beneficial policy with our agency. We got it put into force and the requirements for that contract sent over same day, allowing them to get to work.

Central Station Marketing
Dallas, TX
January 17, 2018

We customized an insurance plan with Hartford Insurance to meet their requirement.

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