How Product Liability Insurance Protects your Business

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Accidents occur in many different forms. Car accidents, natural disasters, and aggressive physical contact are just some of the most frequent types of casualties an average human being can face, but did you know that products can also be a cause of disastrous situations, as well?

Products that are not inspected, maintained, and well-reviewed by their respective companies can cause serious injury to the client. If you own a business that sells, leases, or manufactures different types of products, it is in your best interest to promote safety and reliability with each item you sell.

As much as possible, you want to limit the problems caused by your products. However, in some cases, faulty products do find themselves on the market, making them available to be purchased by unsuspecting consumers. When that happens, your company will be responsible for whatever injury or death that was caused by your product. In order to protect your business from such situations, acquiring product liability insurance will ease the damages of such accidents.

What is Product Liability Insurance?

Product liability insurance, put in simpler terms, is a type of insurance that protects your business’ products from accidental damages caused by the product itself or by simply mishandling the merchandise. Either way, consumers have the capability to hold you responsible for any damages they experienced which was caused by the product your business created. 

Paying those legal fees can get very complicated and expensive and may lead to shutting down your business. With product liability insurance however, it will protect you and your business from personal injury claims by the third party and gives you the opportunity to avoid paying legal and court costs.

Is Product Liability Insurance worth it?

In the long run, yes; having product liability insurance is worth your money. Whatever the size of your business, product mishaps or mistakes are unavoidable and can go undetected within the manufacturing process of your product. This insurance assures you that in the event of receiving a claim against you and your product, you will not spend a single dime covering legal expenses because this insurance will cover it for you.

Some of the scenarios and products this insurance covers are:

  • Damages caused by software products
  • Injuries caused by equipment
  • Illness caused by food, beverages or vitamins

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