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BMC-84 Freight Broker Bond: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for insurance agents assisting freight brokers in acquiring BMC-84 Freight Broker bonds. Here are the key points covered:


  • Average Cost: $925 per year or $93 per month based on the broker’s credit.
  • Bond Amount: $75,000.
  • Who Needs It: All individuals and business entities seeking to obtain a freight broker or freight forwarder registration.
  • Purpose: To ensure motor carriers and shippers do not suffer financial harm due to unethical actions committed by a freight broker.
  • Regulation: The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).


  • Freight brokers must register with the FMCSA as per 49 U.S. Code Statute 13904.
  • To ensure ethical business practices and timely payments, brokers must maintain a $75,000 BMC-84 Freight Broker surety bond.

Purpose of a Freight Broker Bond:

  • The bond is mandatory for registering as a freight broker.
  • It ensures compensation for motor carriers and shippers in case of financial harm caused by fraudulent acts or delayed payments by the broker.

Obtaining a Freight Broker Surety Bond:

  • BondExchange facilitates the process, offering an easy-to-use platform for insurance agents.
  • The platform, backed by 40 years of experience and advanced technology, ensures efficient service in obtaining quotes or issuing bonds.

Underwriting Requirements:

  • Freight Broker bonds are considered higher-risk, with underwriters examining factors such as the broker’s credit score, financial statements, and business experience.
  • Rates are influenced by credit history and business experience, with better rates for brokers with excellent credit.

Cost of BMC-84 Freight Broker Bond:

  • The cost ranges from $925 to $9,750 per year or $93 to $975 per month.
  • Determined by factors like credit score, financial statements, and business experience.
  • New brokers with challenged credit may face higher rates or need collateral.

Who is Considered a Freight Broker?

  • Defined by 49 CFR Statute 371.2 as any individual or business entity arranging the transportation of property by an authorized motor carrier.

Freight Forwarders and Bonds:

  • Freight forwarders are also required to purchase a $75,000 Freight Broker Bond.
  • Freight forwarders organize shipping and store customer property, including handling international shipments.

Registration Process with the FMCSA:

  • Brokers must purchase a surety bond or obtain a trust fund agreement.
  • Purchase insurance with specific minimum limits.
  • Designate a process agent.
  • Complete the online application and pay a $300 application processing fee.

Renewal Process:

  • Renewal involves submitting a completed renewal application and a $300 operating fee.
  • The registration is valid for a maximum of 5 years.

Differences Between BMC-84 and BMC-85:

  • BMC-84 does not require collateral, while BMC-85 mandates the offering of the full $75,000 in collateral.
  • BMC-85 collateral is held in a trust, incurring an annual fee.

Insurance Requirements for Freight Brokers:

  • Public liability and cargo insurance are mandatory, with specified minimum limits.
  • A $75,000 Freight Broker surety bond or trust fund agreement is also required.

Filing the BMC-84 Freight Broker Bond:

  • The surety company files the bond electronically with the FMCSA.
  • The filed bond and other insurance requirements can be viewed using the FMCSA insurance lookup tool.

Avoiding Claims Against the Freight Broker Bond:

  • Compliance with FMCSA regulations, especially avoiding fraud and ensuring timely payments.
  • Claims can only be filed for interstate loads.
  • Documenting any changes to shipment prices is crucial.

Other Insurance Products for Freight Brokers:

  • While BondExchange specializes in bonds, agents often utilize brokers for liability and cargo insurance.
  • Marketing resources are available, and agents can leverage print-mail relationships for discounted services.

In summary, this guide covers the essential aspects of BMC-84 Freight Broker bonds, providing insurance agents with the knowledge needed to assist freight brokers effectively.