Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers in Texas

Although architects and engineers can effortlessly build structures, their professions come with a high risk. No matter how skillful or careful an architect or engineer is, it is still possible to encounter problems that can displease your clients.

Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers in Texas

Customers that aren’t happy with the finished product can take legal action due to the failure of services rendered or negligence in the course of delivering the service. If the liabilities or compensations aren’t met, architects and engineers may face a huge financial loss.

Thankfully, professional liability insurance is designed to help you with this kind of situation. This kind of policy financially protects architects and engineers from possible claims that could lead to financial ruin. Such scenarios include:

  • Making mistakes in the services rendered
  • Did not provide the services that were promised or advertised
  • Committing negligence

Professional liability insurance also pays for the insurer’s legal fees, as well as any compensation that the court orders him/her to pay.

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Our professional liability insurance is designed to encompass different kinds of architectural and engineering firms and professions, such as:

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  • Land surveyors
  • Civil engineers
  • HVAC engineers
  • Conservation managers
  • And hundreds of other classes

We also offer the following insurance policies:

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