Insurance for Engineering Services in Texas

No matter what kind of engineering service you offer, it pays to have the right insurance plan. You can’t predict everything that can happen during a project, so having something that can protect your finances and your reputation gives you peace of mind. However, choosing the necessary policies can get pretty tough. There are many insurance companies offering different plans at varying prices, after all.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to create an insurance plan specifically for you, contact Quote Texas. We’ve been providing comprehensive insurance plans for various industries in Texas since 2001, so we know exactly which policies will suit your engineering company.

Quote Texas Knows What You Need

To ensure that you’re receiving the best coverage, we recommend that you get the following policies:

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance covers the damage or loss of the following, should your office space encounter a disaster (e.g. fires and flood):

  • Landscaping
  • Furniture and fixtures
  • Building or structure
  • Equipment and inventory of goods
  • Other people’s properties

Paying for the repairs and replacement of your property and valuables can get expensive, so it’s good to have a policy that helps cover the costs.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance protects your company from a variety of possible financial services. In case you’re sued for damage arising out of your actions, this policy will cover the costs of your legal defense fees, as well as medical fees – if found liable to the claims. Some of the claims you can be found liable for include:

  • Advertising and personal injury
  • Bodily injuries and deaths
  • Damage to other people’s property

Professional Liability Insurance

Since you provide an invaluable service to several industries, professional liability insurance is a necessity. It protects you from facing financial loss due to the following claims made by a client or customer:

  • Mistakes rendered in the service
  • Committing negligence while delivering the service
  • Unable to meet the services that were promised or advertised

Regardless if the claims are warranted or not, this policy will cover the costs of both the legal defense and any compensation the court asks you to pay.

If you want to fortify your plan even further, we also offer the following policies:

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