Professional Liability Insurance for Daycare Centers in Texas

Since taking care of children is the purpose of your day care center, it’s crucial to have your property insured with the right policies. Parents trust you to watch over their kids, but sometimes things can quickly turn south when the unexpected happens. Scenarios like accidents and injuries will put any day care center in a legally vulnerable position, and defending against these claims aren’t always easy. Cases can drag on for years and legal fees can mount with no end in sight. Fortunately, our specialized day care insurance can cushion you from financial obligations associated with incidents in your facility.

If you’re looking for a reliable insurance provider to protect your day care center, contact Quote Texas today. Not only do we offer commercial general liability insurance but we also have a professional liability insurance program that’s tailored to for your day care’s needs.

Receive the Right Coverage with Quote Texas

Since 2001, Quote Texas has been providing commercial properties in the Lone Star State with the best insurance plans possible. During our years working with various businesses, we’ve realized that certain industries need specific policies to protect them from financial burdens that related to their services.

We know that your day care center’s image is important, just as much as protecting your kids. That’s why, our professional liability insurance for day care centers covers the following properties and scenarios:

Daycare Centers
  • Automobile liability (for school buses)
  • Abuse and molestation liability
  • Educators legal liability
  • Acts, errors, or omissions of day care services

The day care center professional liability insurance also fully protects infants to kindergarten-age children, preschoolers and after-school care through grade 8.

Quote Texas also offers umbrella liability. Umbrella liability supplements your existing policy by giving you:

  • Broader coverage
  • Increased limits in excess of the standard primary policies
  • Replaces primary policies if limits are used up
  • Covers excess casualties

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If you want to provide your day care center with complete insurance, you could avail commercial property, workers compensation and commercial auto insurance. Contact us today at 844-402-4464 and we’ll create an insurance policy that works for you.